Funniest Subway Ads of 2016

Of course this is completely subjective, is completely based on my opinion (I didn’t factor in anyone else’s by taking a vote, or even ask anyone else for that matter), but IMO, hands down, the funniest subway ads of 2016 goes out to Seamless! Congrats! Really well done campaign by the folks at @BBHNewYork and @Seamless. Their outdoor ads are EXACTLY the correct formula for success. Very clear message in a few words, definitely gets your attention, and very memorable. The design has a very retro / vintage feel to it, and has just enough artistic expression to subtly add to the message. A few of my favorite ads are “Wait for a table? You won’t even wait for a walk sign,” or “Over 8 million people in NYC and we help you avoid them all”. Way to go #Seamlessads

The runner up for 2nd best subway ads goes to the Street Easy campaign. Take a look at some of the ads below, and let me know what your favorite/s are and why!

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